If you could be any place in the world right now where would it be? 🌍 ⠀⠀ We are pretty content with where we are right now, especially with everything going on in the world at the moment 🙏🏼 ⠀⠀ That’s not to say we don’t always dream of where’s next 💭 . . 💻 EDITED WITH OUR BRAND NEW PRESET ‘Pool Life’ . 📸 PHOTO PRESETS ON SALE NOW! Click the link in our bio to get up to 30% off 🚀


If you haven’t seen my latest video for @pt_djohns head over to his profile and check it out⬆️🎥 Remember you can still book a 1 in 1 shoot during this time so if your keen to shoot send me a DM


Page 4 BOLA v COVID-19 Please print to enjoy the colour-in! HOW can you be a community team player? IF YOU NEED TO SNEEZE OR COUGH... JUS' DAB!!! Cover your mouth & nose! If you'd like to share your colour in, or a photo of you doing your best DAB than send them on through! Have a beautiful day everybody!!


Perth was already the most isolated city in the world .. with travel being restricted as of late, it feels like we are more isolated than ever - nonetheless, it’s not a bad slice of the world to be in at this time 🌏 @perthwillbeok


just one of the older style buildings around Fremantle, a church #fremantle #perth #wa #westaustralia #westaus #australia #church #religiousbuilding #niceweather #travel #juno #オーストラリア #パース #澳洲 #澳大利亞 #ㅋㅋㅋ #holiday


If there is a heaven, I hope it looks like this 🌝✨


Crown Towers Perth.


Some moments are golden ✨🌊


Daydreaming of beach days in Perth💭 ​ ​Lovin' this #droneoftheday shot from @concixus 💙


Let’s talk about all of the things we are grateful for... ⠀⠀ Each other 🥰 Our health 🙏🏼 Loving family ❤️ Beautiful friends ♾ A roof over our head 🏡 Food and water in our belly 😋 Sunshine 🌞 All of our amazing adventures 🌍 Syd & Jelly Bean 🚘 Music 🎶 ⠀⠀ There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for ✨ This is something we continuously remind ourselves of, especially when life throws you in the other direction 🌪 ⠀⠀ We’d love to hear all of the things you’re grateful for? 💛 . . . . 📸 EDITED WITH OUR BRAND NEW PRESET ‘Warm Feels’ - Launching TOMORROW! 🚀


A beautiful nugget we bought when we owned the gold shop in kal! Roughly $45k at today’s price! Imaging finding it 😳


Learning online with the Breakin traditions crew. Make sure you check with your studio for their online time table for breakin traditions classes!! And don't forget to subscribe to the breakin traditions crew YouTube channel for videos and informational content. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVBo8yvO8qQQhWQU7rekC_A #positivehiphop #onlinelearning #youngtalent #breakintraditionscrew #westaus #bboy #breakin #BGIRLS #hiphop #breakintraditions #breakintraditionsinfo #youtube #practice #stayhome #dance #boysdancetoo


Burnt land 🤍


Today we realised that we have been living as if we are in lockdown, although that is not the case here in Australia. YET...⏱ ⠀⠀ This certainly isn’t a bad thing. We have been doing our part to #stayhome 🏡 ⠀⠀ Tomorrow will be our day to get out and enjoy some fresh air to sooth the soul 🌬 Potentially take Syd for a drive down to the beach and go for a quick dip 🚙 🌊 We shall see where the day takes us 🍃 ⠀⠀ Has anyone else been subconsciously staying home a lot? 💭 (In those countries that are NOT in lockdown) . . . . 🏡 With a front yard view like this what’s not to love about staying home ❤️ . . 📸 EDITED WITH OUR BRAND NEW PRESET ‘Dark Sky in the Countryside’ - Launching this Sunday 29th March 🚀


For a wholesome Autumn dinner, we recommend our trying our Pumpkin Dahl Meal Kit❤️ Easy-to-make and super nutritious!😍🍂


It's been an interesting week with so much focused around the restrictions placed on different parts of Australia in response to the covid-19 pandemic. Amongst all the varying information from reliable and trustworthy reports I tend to believe the reality lays somewhere in the middle. As is so often true for the world , no one source is right. We all have bias and that was no more evident as when I used to write and publish things myself. All I can say about our current affairs right now is to remain open minded. Don't believe everything you read, remember humans are inherently good and will help , love , share and grow together. Establish good networking and communities, even though many of us are currently in lockdown around the world we can still bond and connect .. take advantage of this time to focus within ourselves and remember to give eachother a break, everyone is under pressure. Relax and enjoy the difference in pace of life 🤠✌️


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