Tempat ini Bernama Pondokan, yaitu tempat berteduhnya para penambang belerang gunung welirang, Setiap kita mendaki gunung arjuno-Welirang via Tretes pasti singgah di tempat ini, entah cuma sekedar istrahat ataupun mendirikan tenda. Para penambang belerang inilah pendaki sejati menurutku, karena mereka setiap hari naik gunung welirang dan turun dengan membawa beban 1 atau 2 karung belerang dengan gerobak,padahal jalanya berbatu yang dimana saya bawa cariel aja kesusahan,mereka menempuh perjalanan skitar 4 jam untuk naik dan 2.5jam untuk turu. kalau ke arjuna atau ke welirang cobalah untuk singgah dan bercengkrama dengan para penambang disini mereka cukup ramah, banyak pelajaran hidup yang saya dapat ketika berinteraksi dengan mereka. mereka naik pada hari senin, dan turun pada hari jum'at untuk bertemu keluarga, selama 5 hari tersebut mereka bertahan oleh dinginya udara gunung dan mereka naik turun gunung welirang, untuk mengumpulkan belerang. . Photo by @nurhadi_id 📍Pondokan - Gunung Arjuno Welirang #pendakijelajahnusantara


Clocks live from Glastonbury 2016😍😍


While the world is in lockdown and practicing social distancing, we won’t be doing any group rides. The European and Australian tours planned for later in the year will be considered depending on how we are going as we get closer to the date. In the mean time enjoy this video of some of our rides last year. Our Penny Farthing community is one of most active, vibrant and connected community of riders I’ve ever seen. The peace, happiness, friendships, laughter and beauty that comes from what we do is something I take very seriously. The big tours and rides will happen again and it’s something to look forward to more than ever. With time to prepare for when we come out of this, now a good time to consider getting involved. The bikes I build are serious bikes for real riders, made to be ridden, comfortable, fast and built to last. Don’t hesitate to sent me a message if you want something special in your life and something to look forward to. Video edited by @mandownphotography —————————————————————- Those of you who have joined one of my rides or have one of my bikes comment below one of your best experiences on our adventures.


Looking back on all of our travelling photo's from last year whilst feeling grateful for all of the memories we were able to make before current events took place ❤ What's a memory from 2019 that you love? . . . . . #travelgirl #travelmoon #travelcouples #travelswithmyhusband #memoriesforlife #adventureofalifetime #beforecorona #philippines


Patiently waiting for it to be safe to do this again ✌🏼 #AdventureLocals 📸: @charcohn


Hi friends! I've been a little quiet on here the last couple of weeks. To be honest I've kinda been in shock with what's going on in the world and I didn't really know how to wrap my head around it or find the words to share how I'm feeling. . The feeling is grief. "The loss of normalcy; the fear of economic toll; the loss of connection" (taken from an article that I posted on my facebook a couple of days ago). This feeling is uncomfortable and there is nothing that we can do about it but ride the storm and try to keep our heads above the water. . During this time there is a lot of uncertainty especially as a wedding photographer. I've had 3 weddings postponed/cancelled due to Covid-19 and it's so heartbreaking watching my clients go through all of this. I want to be here for you. I want you to know that I am and will continue to do my best in working with you. Please understand that this is a tough time for all of us but we WILL get through this together. I ask that you let me know ASAP if there are any changes to your wedding plans so that we can be proactive together! No changes but want someone to talk to? I'm here and not going very far (because quarantine) so don't hesitate to reach out. . xo, we can do this my friends! . . . . . . #meganernstphotography #torontoweddingphotographer #durhamweddingphotographer #smallbusinessowner #canadianphotographer #femalephotographer #ladyboss #gocreate #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety #adventureofalifetime #memyselfandi #entrepreneurlifestyle


Excerpt of my mixed up version of "adventure of a life time" and "viva la vida" of Coldplay. Bossa nova style. Hope you like it! #coldplay #bossanova #piano #poprock #arrangement #vivalavida #adventureofalifetime


Quarantine day... Apa yang kamu lakukan saat hari2 karantina ini? . Photo by @avan.ibe #pendakijelajahnusantara


Weekend vibes 😎 so, are you hanging around in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room today? #quarantine #strong #adventureofalifetime #history


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Khalil Gibran #Earthhour2020


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